Shopping and a Parisian cafe


Good evening lovelies! how was everyone’s day?

I went shopping at my favorite boutique Gigi Bottega today and found some gorgeous summer pieces, including this black and white dress with dramatic sleeves….(I LOVE dramatic sleeves) I will do a OOTD post with the clothes I bought today so you guys can see. I definitely encourage visiting their store or website because they have unique pieces that no other store has, which I love.

Just down the street from Gigi there is a cute little Parisian cafe that I am obsessed with!  Patisserie Coralie has an Instagram pic worthy exterior (and interior) filled with vintage style decor and a pastry case full of handmade macarons,…..YES PLEASE I’ll take a box!

-What I’m wearing-

Top- J crew find similar here

Jeans- Joes jeans brand

Bag- Rebecca Minkoff

Shoes are by Sam Edelman (cannot find similar, sorry!)

Nighty night!


Current Read


Knowing how to capture the perfect Instagram pic is super important…especially if you want to start a career in blogging. Aimee Song of Songofstyle covers every detail you need to know from Instagram lingo-all the way to how to pose and edit your photos!

This book is filled with beautiful-glossy-high quality photos that were mostly captured by Aimee’s iPhone!….unbelievable right? Theres always something to learn, and you can constantly fill your brain with knowledge about anything so never refuse to ask for help or advice as we all can learn from others. #Songofstyle #aimeesong #captureyourstyle

I picked up my book from Amazon

Happy reading!



Date night with my babe


My boyfriend and I do date nights 3-5 times a week because its important to spend quality time together since work gets so busy during the week. One of our favorite date night spots is Cooper’s hawk Winery and restaurant. They have a few locations and we have visited the one in Wheeling and in Schaumburg. We are part of their wine club so we get wine every month and also do wine tastings while we wait for our dinner reservation. The staff there is very friendly and we have always had a good experience…and delicious food! We have come here with our friends as well and did double date night with my best friend and her boyfriend and always have fun. I recommend their calamari as an appetizer (everything on their menu is delicious)

check it out!

Cooper’s Hawk Winery and restaurants

What are some of your favorite date night spots?


Big sleeves and aviators


Hey lovelies! its almost the weekend….thank god! what are everyones plans for the weekend? My boyfriend and I are grabbing dinner and drinks on Saturday and Grilling in the yard on Sunday which is a perfect weekend if you ask me!

I decided to rock an off the shoulder striped top (what else is new!?) and wear some classic black aviators by Dolce and Gabbana.

Top- Gigi Bottega

Aviators (similar style)- Dolce and Gabbana aviators

Necklace- Tiffany & co.

Watch- Apple Watch

Happy shopping!



Food prep like a pro!


I love to meal prep so I can have food for the week, and I don’t have to spend money eating out all the time for lunch…lets face it, that adds up quick. I put together some easy recipes for you guys to try.

-Overnight oats-

What you’ll need:

-Mason Jar

-Oatmeal (it can be flavored or plain)

-Almond milk (I get vanilla flavored)

-Fruit of your choice for topping (I used blueberries and bananas)


fill the mason jar a quarter of the way with oatmeal (uncooked) then add almond milk to jar until almost full. close and shake until contents completely mixed together. Leave overnight and top with fruit the next day and enjoy!

-Egg Cup muffins-

What you’ll need:

-Muffin tin for baking

-Extra virgin olive oil

-6 eggs (organic are the best)


-Feta cheese



Coat the muffin tin with a little bit of olive oil in each cup. In a mixing bowl crack 6 eggs and add chopped spinach, pepper, feta and mix until smooth. Pour mixture into each cup so that each section has an even amount. Place into oven set to 375 degrees and bake for about 25-30 minutes. let cool then enjoy!

-Italian seasoned sweet potatoes-

What you’ll need:

-5 large sweet potatoes

-Potato peeler

-Italian seasoning

-Extra virgin olive oil

-Baking pan (large)


Wash potatoes and then peel until skin is fully removed. Cut potatoes completely and then chop large pieces into smaller pieces (I cut them into fours). Spread potatoes on baking pan and drizzle olive oil until each piece has oil on it. Sprinkle Italian seasoning on potatoes so that each piece has an even coating. Place into oven set at 375 degrees and let bake for about 35 minutes or until potato center is soft (you can test by sticking a fork in the potato) let cool and enjoy!

-Kale and Brussel sprouts-

This is pretty easy….all you need to do is set a water filled pot on the stove at medium heat and let the veggies boil until soft

-Cajun spiced chicken breast- 

what you’ll need:

-5 large chicken breasts (lets all be adults here! lol)

-Cajun spice seasoning


-Extra virgin olive oil


Wash Hands before and after touching chicken breast or any other raw meats. Rub cajun seasoning all over chicken breast until fully coated. add pepper and repeat. drizzle a little olive oil in a large pot on the stove over low to medium heat and place chicken breast into the oil (note: you are not deep frying the chicken so be cautious of how much oil you are adding) cook until semi-brown outside and fully cooked inside. Cut chicken breast into smaller pieces while still hot. Serve and enjoy!

Let me know how your recipes turn out!

Happy cooking!








J’adore Dior


My current favorite lip formula is by Dior, I’ve always loved their lipsticks but these new Lip lacquers are exceptional! Some of my favorite colors are “underground” “L.A. Pink” “lazy” and “Gamer”. They glide on so easily because the texture is very smooth and hydrating. I get mine from Nordstrom!

Heres the link: Dior addict Lacquer stick