Welcome to Elizabella Beauty!

Just a girl from Chicago with a slight makeup addiction
I have created this space for the beauty obsessed and to let you guys in on my life. I’ve had a passion for the beauty industry since I learned to walk/talk; and I grew up in salons since my uncle owns one. I remember the first time I played with makeup, it was love at first touch….and of course it was my moms Chanel makeup that I shattered to pieces (sorry mom!). When my grandma would watch me and my mom left to go to work, I found myself constantly going into my moms makeup and admiring all of the colors and textures; dreaming of being able to have my own makeup some day. I will never forget the day my mom took me makeup shopping for the first time, I was a freshman in high school and I bought Laura mercier tinted moisturizer and translucent powder (which I still use today). Little by little I built my very eclectic makeup collection, and started studying about makeup application by practicing on my friends and family. When I finished high school I attended university and beauty school. I wanted to learn the tricks of the trade by going to beauty school and have the business background by going to college so that one day I can combine my two loves of writing and beauty….and thus elizabellabeauty was born!